Data Centres

Data centres today require increased caution when planning infrastructure interventions in organisations. So leave it up to the experts to construct and connect data centres.

Data centres are the heart of any information system, so planning is of strategic importance when constructing a modern data centre.

Data Centres Construction

Continuous operation of the information system is strongly influenced by the proper installation of the equipment, supply of electricity, cooling, quality cable infrastructure, and the system that controls the operation of all of these components.

We provide comprehensive data centre construction that includes:

  • Equipment installation planning
  • Cabinets for the installation of IT equipment
  • Controllable electrical installations
  • Uninterruptible power supply systems
  • Aggregates
  • Construction of fibre-optic cable and copper wire connections
  • Construction of a fire protection system
  • Comprehensive control system that monitors, records, and notifies the data centre administrator
  • Project documentation

Data Centres Connectivity

We offer businesses and institutions with multiple data centres the construction (DWDM) of optical communication systems that enable direct connection of LAN and SAN systems in data centres.

We offer our customers:

  • Various optical cable components
  • Fibre optics measurement and cleaning
  • ADVA hardware
  • ADVA software for managing and control of DWDM
  • ADVA hardware and software for control of optical fibres
  • Project documentation

Allow us to help you achieve competitive advantage.

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